Ah Beng is a term commonly given to a certain group of young Chinese men in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. These Chinese men, whose age ranging from their early teens to late 20s, usually centralise in the busier and more developed cities in the region. Ah bengs typically speak local slang, which is Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay, such as Manglish or Singlish. They are often stereotypically portrayed to be anti-intellectual, superficial and materialistic and shallow. These values often lead to a lack of culture or indulgence in criminal activity or being involved in brawling or affray out of disagreement with other people. Ah beng"

American Trad ("AmerTrad" or simply "Trad" to its adherents) describes a form of mens' dress that was influenced by early Brooks Brothers and its amalgam of Anglo-American style, and by American college and university shops that sold the natural-shouldered Ivy League clothing of the 1920's - 1960's, and still, to some extent, continue to do so today. American Trad"

The Antwerp Six refers to a group of influential fashion designers from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts that emerged in the 1980s and presented a distinct vision for fashion that established Antwerp as a notable location for fashion design. Antwerp Six"

The Artistic Dress movement and its successor, Aesthetic Dress, were fashion trends in nineteenth century clothing. Artistic Dress movement"

Baby Phat is an extension of Phat Farm made for women. It began when Phat Farm's founder Russell Simmons created small t-shirts with "Baby Phat" on them. When various celebrities started sporting the shirts, the decision to extended Baby Phat into its own line was right around the corner. It was established in 1999. Baby Phat"

Black metal fashion refers to the style of dress preferred by listeners of black metal music. Black metal fashion"

A blazer is a type of double breasted jacket, like that of a suit except in that it has patch pockets with no flaps and usually, metal shank buttons. In more recent times, a single breasted form, long in existence, has come into more common use. A blazer's cloth is usually of a durable nature as it is used in schools and was used for sport. As sporting dress has become more adapted to the activity, the blazer has become more restricted to clubs' social meetings. Blazer"

Brogan is an archaic term generally applied to any heavy, ankle-high shoe or boot, more specifically, any such boot worn by a soldier in the American Civil War. The standard model of brogan worn by a soldier was the Model 1859 Jefferson, a square-toed model with four eyelets and leather laces.The brogan also fell apart easily after becoming wet. Brogan"

Business casual, sometimes called smart casual, is a potentially confusing dress code, due to its oxymoronic construction. Business casual"

A catwalk is a narrow, usually elevated platform used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show. It can be thought of as a stage for a fashion exposition. A catwalk is also known as a runway. Catwalk"